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About Microglaze


A studio specialty made by artist Peggy Skycraft

MicroGlaze is an effective and environmentally friendly choice for protecting most paper surfaces.Since it is a soft cream consistency it is easy to apply with a finger. Just rub a tiny dab on any paper surface and spread it very thinly over the area to be protected. You should see no streaks or finger prints as that means it is too thick. Wipe your fingers with a tissue.That's all. The area is now water resistant. No raindrop stains and no smears from routine handling. For a soft sheen on the surface, let the area dry for an hour and then buff with a soft cloth. One jar goes a long way!

Use MicroGlaze on all kinds of paper, wood, metal, and plastic surfaces to resist dirt, stains, spills, and smears. Always test first on a small area. May be used on wood, metal and other surfaces.

Non toxic and acid free---------------------------------------------------Purchase Microglaze

 ARTISTS can use it.
  • - on fountain pen written text
  • - calligraphed or rubber stamped envelopes and cards
  • - to protect inkjet printed mail art
  • - brushed as a resist to "save" areas before watercolor or stamped texture.
  • - for "batik" effects on paper using ink, dyes or watercolor
  • - to preserve the surface of marbled or decorative paper
  • - to create a lusterous surface on paper or paint
  • - to protect Fimo sculpture and image transferred art
  • - on leather to seal it and protect from stains
 THE OFFICE can use it...
  • - protect Ink Jet or Bubble Jet printer output.
  • - on signs and labels.
  • - to quiet those squeeky file draw
  • on metal planes that are collectors items or are used infrequently
  • on saw blades which are not in use
  • on steel table saws and other equipment
  • on all hand tools to prevent rust
AT HOME use it...
  • - on book covers such as fancy journals or albums.
  • - on recipe cards and labels
  • - to protect cookbook pages or covers
  • - on copper or metal antiques to prevent rust and corrosion
  • - to protect and polish wooden objects

Contains: Petroleum waxes. and a solvent which evaporates completely. Cleanup with common mineral spirits (paint thinner.) Non Toxic, acid free and very slightly scented with citrus.. Do not ingest. Not for use by children

One ounce jar is $8.50

Available retail and wholesale from this stamping and paper arts supplier: http//:www.Judikins.com

Or direct from Skycraft: 503.630.7173

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INFO: (For inspiration on some artistic applications see also: http://www.maryjomcgraw.com)


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We are an Angel Company - artists may use our original handmade papers in their artwork, but any reproduction of art incorporating our papers requires formal name credit printed where the image appears or in the sources credits section. Such reproduced images made for resale must have Skycraft permission.

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